Side projects

An assortment of side projects

Icons, Swag, Illustrations, Bike Restoration

Cycling icons

This is the second iteration of cycling icons with editable stroke and cleaner, simpler icons to allow more flexibility for use in components like tab bars and list items.

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Svper Shop

This was a failed experiment to see if I could drive more traffic, generate revenue, and keep waitlist subscribers engaged for the Svper app. I hired 5 Fiverr designers to create illustrations based on a brief. I used their illustrations with my own to create product mockups and start an online shop. I also created some freebies for early waitlist subscribers to keep them engaged.

Cycling Jersey

This is a cycling jersey I created in memory of a family member who passed away. Cycling was his passion and an important part of his life story. "Take it easy and keep smiling" was one of his mantras that is also a friendly nod to drivers while out on the road.


This is an icon pack I made for fun that I packaged and sold. After researching other best-selling icon packs, I prepared graphics that showed the icon's versatility.

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Illustrations & such

Here are a few random illustrations and such I did over time to exercise my creative muscles. I adopted the sprinting hare as my own personal spirit animal and enjoy playing with different symbols from my past. My wife and I also used to make our own bean to bar chocolate.

Swiss Vintage Steel Bike Restoration🇨🇭

I bought an old vintage steel Swiss road bike, stripped it down to the last nut and bolt, and built it back up again true to the time period in the style of the Cilo Aufina Swiss Tour de France Team. I had never done a repair this extensive before, so it was quite a challenge (thanks Youtube), but I'm really pleased with the result. I even managed to find an original bottle and cage.

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